We Produce a Jewellery Piece that represents your Universe


The Cassandra Diamonds brand was created for women with a distinct identity.

It signifies the spirit of the modern English woman who is aware of her inner strength and has repeatedly proven that she can excel in any field she chooses.

The original design concept of Cassandra Diamonds combines the refinement and elegance of jewellery which is encrusted with diamonds in a contemporary feminine look.


Exceptional Diamonds from Exceptional Places

Formed billions of years ago in a rich palette of natural colours, Cassandra Diamonds are as beautiful as the Indian culture they come from which is a region rich in tradition of cutting and polishing rough gemstones.

Our diamonds have been cut and polished by the world’s top artisans, from Surat in India, to reveal their unique potential, beauty and brilliance.

Our diamonds tell a story and they are as natural and authentic as the emotions they represent.

Every Cassandra Diamonds piece is designed and created especially for you, and is a personalised journey in which you can experience the alchemy of precious metals and magical diamonds.

A diamond as unique as You are

YOUR Designs

Will come to life!


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