I Create Jewellery Because They Recreate Me!

Jewellery is an emotion and an inner universe that is reflected in the artistic expression of the creator.

I have loved jewellery from the age of seven when I first negotiated with my mother to buy a piece of jewellery that cost four allowances of a student from Romania in the 1990s. I agreed with my mother to give her my four allowances and buy it.

Soon after this, I started frantically collecting many silver bracelets, earrings and brooches. At the age of 14 I was given my first item of gold jewellery which was a ring I received from my father on Easter night. Then every year thereafter I got some more jewellery for Christmas and Easter which generated a huge amount of excitement inside me.

It was more and more obvious that I was a fan of small objects which were decorated with a lot of skill and emotion.


About Me


Later I had the opportunity to discover China, a mystical and impressive land, so in 2008 I first visited Beijing, Shanghai, Yiwu, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. 

Here I learned the art of business while taking into account the creative process for the first time. Visiting the factories of several companies was a fantastic experience and allowed me to start collaborating with them, so I began bringing exquisite products back to the Romanian market and did this for over 10 years. 

Following on from this adventure, I decided to explore the incredible country of India with everything that it contains. This included visits to Delhi, Jaipur and Agra in 2012, and made me realise that my life will have many paths in this universe of colours and precious stones. 

I also had the opportunity to travel around Thailand which taught me even more about the jewellery industry, understanding with each foray that art is infinite and that I will be able to express more and more through it. 

In 2018 I met the man who made me say “yes”, George, and we got married which meant living in the UK and discovering how important art is in these lands.

The key to success in any profession is a good foundation and training, so I decided to study at the British Academy of Jewelry British Academy of Jewellery – BAJ.

Here I learned to organise my ideas, put them into practice and begin to perceive subtle nuances and shapes. In essence, I learned to express myself as an artist. During my studies I even received recognition as a jeweller at a prestigious Erasmus competition – British Academy of Jewellery – UK — The Future is Our Jewel Online Exhibition ‘Air’ (squarespace.com)

Every interaction I had with my teachers has helped me a lot in gaining confidence and clarity. Every artist I meet in this industry has inspired me to create as many beautiful and expressive jewellery items as possible without limits.

I would like to say thanks to the whole universe but especially to my mentors: Adrian Oianu, Mihaela Speranța, Andreia Gabriela Popescu, David Sandu and Bekkie Ora Cheeseman.

In 2019 I successfully worked as an independent jeweller in the heart of the London Jewelers Guild at Hatton Garden.


Unfortunately, or fortunately, the Covid 19 pandemic forced me to close my business. So I have reinvented myself and chosen to open Cassandra Diamonds which is an online diamond jewellery store with a very personal shopping experience where I ensure that quality materials and sophisticated craftsmanship are present in each of my diamond creations.

I see the creation of jewellery as a process of experimentation. I connect with diamonds and I try to cross boundaries.

My inspiration is natural and organic, in which I try to find harmony and balance.
The jewellery is all about an unique design that complements the wearer’s personality while remaining work in its own right.

I invite you to discover and enjoy in a ring or pendant, a small treasure, the essence of your femininity.


The jewels we create are like no others.


Our clients are always number one


Always striving to exceed your expectations

YOUR Designs

Will come to life!


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