Origin and Sustainability

Ethical Diamond Sourcing

We only use DeBeers Sightholders for diamond sourcing who therefore have a written commitment to the Kimberley Process.

We do not purchase from middlemen and this is to ensure our diamond supply is conflict-free.

Coloured Gemstone Sourcing

While the coloured gemstone industry does not have a Kimberley Process, we can instead focus on the origin. For some brands it’s important to avoid gemstones from certain countries, like Burma, and work directly with gem cutters to ensure origin in these cases.

Please note, we refuse to work with ivory or protected corals.

Alloy Composition

Our alloys are all 100% recycled and guaranteed free from toxic or heavy metals such as barium, cadmium and lead. We only purchase from UPM who are an industry leader.

Staff and Working Conditions

All of our staff receive a very competitive salary. We never pay a piece-rate or per-stone setting rate because we feel this is unethical. We believe staff should be paid a stable wage and this has the added benefit of allowing them time to focus on quality. We also offer free medical and accident insurance to our staff, most of whom have been with us for five years on average, as well as social security, overtime and subsidised meals etc.

A True Ring Buying Experience, From Beginning To End!

Your engagement, wedding or cocktail ring comes to life in the experienced hands of one of the most inspired and contemporary young designers in the UK, Cassandra Maria Iosub.

Cassandra is an artist of emotions, who will help connect your mind and soul with the high vibrance of the diamond you choose.

She explores light in all of its many facets: as a universal symbol of the divine, purity, joy, euphoria and as the essence of seductive glamour which is the most powerful emotional trigger in a gemstone.

Cassandra Diamonds, Jewellery And Design For Unique Moments, Discover Them Exclusively Online!

Each exclusive item of jewellery that breathes quality and beauty, is custom made with age-old craft skills and cutting-edge technology.

Cassandra’s creations are timeless and come to life with passion, love, creativity and attention to detail.

You will wear more than a ring or a pendant, you will wear a healing light because Cassandra seeks to reveal the light and balance of diamonds and precious metals born of Mother Nature.

Remember that beauty and light are the ones that align our thoughts with our deepest feelings.

Buy Something To Treasure Forever!

The coloured diamonds are truly fascinating, the stone fire is intense and spectacular and this is another reason to invest in a piece of jewellery whose value exceeds the financial price because it becomes a real personal experience. The diamond you buy will enrich you energetically and raise your level of consciousness.

You deserve to wear the new classic style of Cassandra Diamonds which are jewels of seductive simplicity, jewels to fascinate your entire world and to set your spirit free.

Statement gold and diamond rings that unlock your authentic femininity, a true legacy for the women of the next generation in your family.

YOUR Designs

Will come to life!


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